Skateboards vs Longboards

longboard skateboard

A Skateboard next to a Longboard.

Last Friday I asked you all a question about longboards. Here are the results of what you prefer:

50% Said Skateboard

33.33% Said Longboard

16.67% Said they’re two totally different things.

There isn’t a correct answer since the question is a matter of opinion however, I believe they are two different things- not to be compared. Let’s talk about it.


Longboard skateboards! For those of you that don’t know what a longboard, or longboard skateboard, is: this is the post for you!

A longboard is basically what it sounds like. A long skateboard!

That’s the most simple definition of longboards. It is one of the different types of skateboards however, many people argue that longboards are a complete class of their own. Although I agree with that perspective, I’m going to talk about longboards in relation to skateboards… just to make this a bit easier.

Longboards are characterized by their long deck, we’ve established that. Another difference is where skateboards curve up on both sides (two kicktails), longboards have one or zero. The kicktail on a longboard is almost always the tail (or back) of the board. Longboards have many different types of boards for different¬†styles.

In general, longboards are meant for travel. Skateboards are for tricks. Just like there are different types of cars: trucks to transport supplies, minivans to carry more people, etc. there are variations in longboard decks. Here’s a great article about this subject, but I’ll summarize it for you.

Different types of longboards

longboard db urban native complete

Twin Longboard


To the left you’ll see a symmetrical board, or a “twin” board. Good for going forward, backward, and doing 180 degree turns.

longboard directional skateboard by arbor

Directional Longboard

To the right is a directional board. Awesome for transportation. Goes one way.

longboard arbor zeppelin bamboo complete

Top Mount Longboard


This is a top mount longboard. Traditional and cheap, this board is great for carving and turning. The deck is mounted above the trucks resulting in less stability but more agility. Gives the feeling of a higher center of gravity.

longboard arbor axis drop through complete

Drop Through Longboard

Drop through longboards have the trucks mounted “through” the deck. This lowers the deck height, increases stability, and is perfect for long distance, free riding, and downhill.

longboard never summer deviant complete

Double Drop Longboard

Double drop longboard. Kinda weird lookin’. Made so that your feet sit close to the trucks and close to the ground. For downhill riding (so your feed don’t slip and slide away). These are the hardest to make and therefor the most expensive.

PHEW. Okay so there you have it. Kind of. They get weirder and cooler but there are the basics. I could go on and on about the kinds of boards that are out there and my personal opinions on them, but I’ll save that for later.


Mystery Board

What is this board? Why is it so wavy?? Let me know what you want to know in the comments!

Skate on.



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