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If you’re looking for a cheap skateboard, I’m not stopping you. The question is: Do you get what you pay for?

—>Disregarding quality, here are some links to satisfy your skateboard needs…

Cheap Skateboards


Cheap ( yet deceivingly cool looking) Skateboard

Alright, now let’s talk. Buying a complete set (deck, wheels, bearings, all the parts already put together) cheap skateboard sucks. Even expensive complete sets aren’t good. You’re paying for the board to be put together instead of the quality. Decks will break, parts will rust and crap out early. They might have a really pretty graphic on the skateboard deck but then they’ll skimp on the quality of the trucks or bearings. Those are the parts that really effect your skate performance.

Learning how to put together a skateboard might be time consuming, but definitely worth your while. (Post on how to assemble a skateboard coming soon) ┬áBeing able to pick and choose what parts you want in your kit instantly gives you a huge advantage.You can choose to have the highest quality of all the parts and customize your ride. If you’re tight on money and that’s why you want a cheap skateboard, my personal advice is to save up for the better quality.

If you’re really desperate to skate… Go ahead, buy the cheap one. It’s perfectly fine for beginners but not for long. Try to upgrade to a high quality custom skateboard as soon as possible. Be aware that you’ll have to put more effort into making a cheap skateboard work, and it will snap like a twig the second you fall off a curb.




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