Skateboards vs Longboards

Last Friday I asked you all a question about longboards. Here are the results of what you prefer: 50% Said Skateboard 33.33% Said Longboard 16.67% Said they’re two totally different things. There isn’t a correct answer since the question is a matter of opinion however, I believe they are two different things- not to be … [Read more…]


What They Think We Do

  Hey guys, what’s up? I found this picture online and it made me laugh. As a skater, how accurate do you think they are? In my opinion, the first picture is completely wrong. Skaters generally have skater friends, and if they have non-skate friends they probably don’t think of them as just a skate-gamer. What … [Read more…]

Skate Falls

Hey skaters! Check out these 20 Funny Skateboard Falls I found on youtube. They crack me up! Take some time to appreciate these epic fails because hey, we’ve all been there, but at least it’s not you. Skate on, Q

Skateboards | The Cheap Kind

If you’re looking for a cheap skateboard, I’m not stopping you. The question is: Do you get what you pay for? —>Disregarding quality, here are some links to satisfy your skateboard needs… Cheap Skateboards Alright, now let’s talk. Buying a complete set (deck, wheels, bearings, all the parts already put together) cheap … [Read more…]